About Angels Pix


Invite an angel to every birthday party.  On a mug, a tote bag or a pin, this adorable cherub is patiently waiting for her slice of cake.  And if she can find her shoes, she'll even get a pink rose made of icing!


You're my angel.  Yes, really you are.  Because each item you choose means jobs for lots of people.  Because you're patient enough to wait for an item to be made just for you, I don't have to buy a big inventory, especially since unsold items often end up in a landfill.  And because you're supporting an independent artist who doesn't want to mass produce items to be sold in stores.  So on behalf of the entire planet, thank you!  

Here's what you enabled. . .

One summer twilight, I sat and doodled on my iPad.  It was warm but with a light breeze and so many stars were just starting to twinkle.   What better to draw on such an evening but an angel.   On this perfect night, the angels were surely nearby.  But they must have been dressed for the weather, maybe in shorts and sandals or ready for a moonlight swim.

No one needed their heavenly intervention on such a glorious night, so what would they do with a night off duty?

Angel Jogger

That's how this all started.  What would they do when they weren't busy working miracles?  Did they pass the time doing little good deeds, just to keep their skills up?

What about those naughty little cherubs?  Of course, they're making mischief!  I found myself laughing at what they might be up to.  So the doodles became illustrations.  The angels needed props to use and then they wanted to play with pets.

And thus began a heavenly artistic journey.  Join me. 

Wings and halos are optional.