My Angels Pose Just Like
Beyoncé and Jay-Z

Most of my angel designs show them with other figures, and the goal is to use a flat, static image to show their love and concern for each other.  It's not a boring angel and a child or a dog just sitting there.  You have to see their real and intimate connection!

If you're a fan of Beyoncé and Jay-Z, in almost every photo, they're physically connected.  They hold hands, they lean against each other.  In candid shots, if they're a little far from each other, you see them smiling at each other.  Now, sure, even they have their off days, but we see that they really enjoy each other.

Here are some ways that artists build that connection between figures.  And for those of you who always wanted to sketch or paint but you didn't know where to start, you've come to the right place!


Check out the Angels’ Wings Heart design below.

Angels on Valentine's Day

You don't have to do faces to show happy couples.

The simple sketch above tells you that they love each other.    While they stroll, they hold hands.  They lean toward each other.  See how his head tilts toward her?  That makes his halo happen to entwine into a heart shape with hers.  And just in case all was still too subtle, her darker pink wings mesh with his to create an even bigger heart shape.

 Now let's look at a different kind of love in Angel Gramma’s Love.

Grandmother, granddaughter and great grandson!


This time you see a hint of a face, but really. just the tilt of the head tells you all you need to know.  Gramma looks down at that darling little boy while he holds her finger.  He's looking up at her, and the bill of his red cap really makes that connection even stronger.  No one's looking at Mama, but the diagonal angle of her head tells us she's obviously adoring him.   Her cheek pressed against his hat makes the scene even sweeter.


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